Accounting for limited Companies From £69.50 Monthly

There is one main rate of corporation tax of 19%. Corporation tax rate is to reduce to 17% from 1 April 2020.

Limited Companies

It's quick and easy to get started

It's now very easy to start a limited company. Long gone are the days of waiting weeks for Companies House to process the paperwork: now you can start a limited company in just a few hours. What's more, the cost of incorporating is an allowable expense against corporation tax.

The company has a separate legal identity

A limited company has its own legal identity. So third parties contract with the 'company' and not the individual directors and shareholders. This means companies survive the death of the owners and it's possible for the directors and shareholders involved with the company to change over time. A company's existence will only cease if it is formally dissolved, liquidated or by other order of the courts or Registrar of Companies. Amongst other benefits, this can provide more perceived security for employees than other business structures.

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Here are some of other benefits of having a limited company.

  • The owners' liability is limited
  • Potential credibility and prestige
  • There can be tax benefits
  • Dormant companies can be set up
  • Options when raising new capital

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